Postdoctoral Fellow,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Northwestern University
Office: AG10, Technological Institute
Email: ''faez'' at ''northwestern'' dot ''edu''
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Useful Resources

Some resources that one may find useful (in no particular order).

  • Code for generating idea maps and calculating novelty scores for sketches link

  • Code for our IJCAI 2017 paper titled “Diverse Weighted Bipartite b-Matching” link

  • A repository of engineering design tasks and their creativity ratings link

  • IDEAL Lab publications link

  • CS Talks at UMD link

  • Optimization algorithms (mostly EA) from Dr. Deb’s lab link

  • A curated list of Matlab frameworks, libraries and software link

  • Data science cheat sheets link

  • Datasets

    • A curated list of datasets for papers/experiments/validation link
    • PrefLib: A library of preferences link
    • Colorado Index of Complex Networks (ICON) link
    • A curated list of network analysis resources link
    • A Dataset of Peer Reviews (PeerRead) link
    • Research papers with code link